Wednesday, May 21, 2008

USB Malware Threats

Have you ever experienced problems which is almost a nightmare to monitor and manage effectively the use of USB drives or removable media in your corporate network domain? I find this to be an issue within my network. The increase in the use of removable devices is posing a real threat to internal data security. Whilst my AV end point product effectively detects, alerts and fixes malware, I dont have a way of blocking off the use of USB devices as a proactive control measure. What is the best tool recommended for use in this scenario and is there are practical best practise for this?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

McAfee ePO 3.5.5 AV Coverage Reporting Issues

We use McAfee Total Enterprise for our organization and have used it for the past 8 years without much problem. It truly has been a good product. Just recently we found out that we are unable to run AV Coverage DAT/Definition Deployment Summary, DAT Engine and Engine Deployment Summary reports. When running report tasks nothing happens and we are unable to get an event log report within ePO that can point us to what the problem is. Can someone who has experience with McAfee ePO 3.X products provide expert help?

WSUS Patch Management

My organization uses Microsoft SUS 2.0 as the patch management solution which is now obsolete. Because of this we are behind on Microsoft critical security patches and plan on upgrading to the much talked about WSUS technology. According to Microsoft there isn't an upgrade path from SUS however you can still be able to migrate SUS contents and configuration settings. I hope I'm correct in saying this. What is the best approach in implementing WSUS leveraging off existing server infrastructure used by SUS?